What are the best RV models and Why

Rving has been a significant trend nowadays in all of the states. The continuous generation of RV campgrounds, resorts, and parks everywhere is the best proof that it is a boom in a society already. Aside from that, RV models’ non-stop improvement continues to grow as the RV community expands in a tremendous pattern. When planning to get your own RV, www.camperguide.org features and provides reviews on the different types of RV, trailers, and campervans that suits might suit your need.

With this, we know you are already considering jumping into the bandwagon of the RV community. But before you do so, we are here to guide you on which of the RV models you should avail of and why. 

What to consider?

Before you avail yourself, check these quick guidelines to ensure that your RV is worth every penny. 

Try before you buy

For those who would like to change into the RV lifestyle, our first suggestion would be to try it first by renting an RV at RV Camping.com. This website offers RV for rents and suggests the best RV campgrounds and camp gears make sure that it will be flawless on your first attempt at RVing. Aside from that, you will be able to choose which RV model is appropriate for you. 

Safety and Maneuverability

You are availing your hub with this RV. It is a must that you are going to consider your safety a topmost priority. You should include in your list some road safety sensors and other safety features. Also, maneuverability is another thing to think of. Maneuverability is part of safety as well. If it is something beyond your driving skills, then it will endanger you on the road. We pray not. 

Headcount and Budget

Of course, considering how many will be inside the RV is another fact to think of. If you are going to buy something cheap but will overcrowd all of you inside, that is not budget-wise. If it’s too big for all of you, then that’s just a waste of money. Just look for something right on the mark. 

Which RV to avail?

There are lots of RVs available in the market nowadays. If you browse freely without any guide, you will be blown away by all the types and categories. Good thing you are in the right article because we will unravel all the things you need to know. 

Motorized RV

These RVs are called the motorized home or all in one RV. It has three popular categories depending on their sizes.

Class A –. It is usually 25 to 40 feet big. Inside, it looks like a traditional home with a full-size bath and kitchen. It also has a master bedroom with a king-size bed. Another thing is that it can hold up to 10 people inside.

You can check out this famous Class A RV Models

  • Newmar Dutch Star
  • The Forest River Georgetown XL

Class B is referred to as the “Camper vans” because it is precisely like a van. You can also easily maneuver because of its van-like structure. Here it has a wet bath. It can hold up to 2-4 people inside. 

You can check out this famous Class B RV Models

  •  The Coachmen Galleria
  • The Pleasure-Way Plateau
  • The Winnebago Revel Class B RV

Class C – This is a combination of Class A and B. This is called the “Mini Motorhome.” This is very popular with full-time travelers. But may require an extra vehicle to travel around. 

You can check out this famous Class C RV Models

  • Winnebago Navion
  • Winnebago Vita
  • Forest River Sunseeker

Towable RV

These RVs are the ones that can be attached to your vehicle. The great thing about this is you can latch it on any campground then travel nearby using your car. Also, this one is cheaper compared to a motorized RV. It also has some popular RV categories to choose from depending on your needs. 

Fifth Wheel –This one is as big as Class A. The interior design is almost the same as well. Besides, the specs and people’s capacity onboard are the same too. The only difference is that this one is towable. 

 You can check out this famous Fifth Wheel Models

  • Keystone Montana
  • Forest River Cardinal Luxury
  • Redwood RV

Travel Trailers –  This is quite the same as the Fifth wheel. The only difference would be it is illegal to have someone on board while in motion. So you would need a very spacious passenger vehicle to make sure everyone would fit in. The good thing about it is it is towable by any car and offers more floor plans. 

 You can check out this famous Travel Trailer Models

  • Airstream Flying Cloud
  • Jayco by Thor Motor Coach
  • Winnebago Minnie


Whichever RV you are interested in, we hope that we have been a great guide to your search. Safe travels and enjoy your new RV on the road. 

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