Which Indian School in Abu Dhabi offers a digital campus in education?

While technology cannot guarantee successful results, it can definitely put a child on the path to achieving successful results. In a world where technology paves the path to assist children in becoming self-learners for a lifetime, it only makes sense to ensure that their formal schooling years also involve digital tools to help them unlock the means of learning digitally. For most parents, learning how to use technology has been a learning curve, but for most children born in the 21st century, using technology comes second nature. However, being able to use technology does not necessarily equip them with the knowledge of using it to further their own learning. Therefore, getting used to the experience of using digital tools as a part of their learning process is highly integral to the lives of students.

Abu Dhabi Indian School Offering Digital Campus

In Abu Dhabi schools, digital campuses have been on the rise as more and more educational institutes understand the importance of equipping children with the latest means to empower themselves digitally. But the foundation for this development was laid at the turn of the century with the government of UAE promoting Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to boost technological advancements across the whole region. Soon enough, e-learning and distance learning programs were gradually increasing across the whole of UAE, right from Sharjah and Dubai all the way to Abu Dhabi. On account of such initiatives launched in the UAE, students had more flexibility in their approach to learning and were therefore becoming well-versed with the knowledge of digital technology.

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Abu Dhabi is one among many schools that implemented the idea of a ‘Digital Campus’ to help students with interactive and digital aids that suited the unique needs of each and every student. As a responsible parent looking to educate your child to be prepared for the technological advancements of the future, it is wise to understand the benefits that a digital campus has to offer.

Benefits of a digital campus

Be it completely online or through a blended approach, a digital campus is proven to have higher levels of engagement with students as they are more satisfied with different experiences and are able to manage their class schedules more effectively. Listed below are some of the benefits of learning that are enabled with the help of technology.

  1. Education is more personal

The idea of personalized education stems from the fact that students can realize their own potential if they are given enough freedom to explore the subjects of their liking. While a digital campus does not stray away from the concept of structured time periods for each subject, it surely allows the students to discover learning from a new perspective. As they are able to go beyond the limits of books and the guidance of their teachers, students are able to discover more sources of learning that are in line with what is being taught to them by their teachers. Thus, they are able to pursue the disciplines that they enjoy the most by self-learning.

  1. Faster communication

Since the connectivity for a digital campus is 24/7, it also means that students no longer have to wait for the next day to discuss new ideas with their classmates. A digital campus makes it easier for students to reach out to their teachers in case their daily schedule in a conventional schooling environment happens to limit the actual amount of interaction with teachers they truly desire. Such quick connectivity also leads to quicker communication of the latest notices and news bulletins conveyed by the school authorities to students and parents alike.

  1. Easier access to educational resources

Perhaps the most significant attribute of technology has been its ability to provide all the knowledge of hundreds of books and articles in a single device that can be carried by students wherever they go. With these resources now available at the click of a single button or two, students can clear their doubts in a split-second and thus move on to learning the next topic faster.

  1. Familiarity with technology

The technological world has advanced faster in the past 50 years than most people have been able to keep up with. In the near future, this accelerated rate of growth seen in technological advancements is only going to increase even more. For such a rapidly changing scenario, it becomes important that students remain familiar with the different aids and tools of digital learning that they can acquire so that they continue to remain learners even after graduating from school.


In Abu Dhabi’s Indian schools offering a digital campus, the Global Indian International School (GIIS) leads the way with its online learning/ blended learning programs and the myGIIS portal. By bridging the gap of interactions between teachers, students and their parents, GIIS Abu Dhabi has effectively managed to improve the productivity of its entire learning community by ensuring the availability of the required resources at just the right time, simply at the click of a button. In this way, schools such as GIIS Abu Dhabi have effectively managed to encourage communication and collaboration between students and teachers by offering the much-needed digital tools to enhance every students’ learning experience. Please find more details about the Abu Dhabi Indian School Fees structure online.