Why should you be Genuine when Filing a Compensation Claim?

 Are you injured in a car accident? Have you received severe injuries due to the negligence of another party? You should look for car accident attorneys in Conyers near you. It would be important for you to look for the best car accident attorney for receiving a deserved and fair compensation amount. 

The question to ponder upon is whether you should hire an attorney for minor injuries. You do not have to spend a huge amount as the fee of the car accident attorney for a minor accident with minor injuries. If you were thinking of making the most of the situation and extracting money from the other party for the damages in your vehicle before the accident occurred, rest assured that you would be at fault here. 

Do not take your compensation claim for granted 

You may have thought about recovering additional money from the negligent party for some previously incurred damages to your vehicle or for the injuries suffered by you previously. Rest assured that the opposite counsel or the insurance company paying a fair settlement amount would not be easy to handle, especially when it comes to extracting money from them. They would use their diligence in determining the injuries suffered and damages incurred to the vehicle. If the insurance company smells any foul play, they would ensure that they do not receive a single penny as compensation and may have to pay for the wrong claim filed. 

Hire a reliable car accident attorney 

If you were having such thoughts about extracting more money from the negligent party, your attorney should be prudent to guide you in the right way. The attorney should ensure that you do not have such thoughts venturing your mind. The attorney should tell you about the repercussions of lying in the court of law. Only an experienced and reliable lawyer would help you understand the ethics behind filing the claim and demanding a fair compensation for the injuries suffered. 

Hidden injuries and damages 

However, your car accident attorney would help you file a fair compensation claim for the unforeseen injuries and damages incurred due to the accident. If you have an underlying condition that has gone severe due to the accident, you could ask for compensation from the negligent party for such injuries and damages. 

The point is to make a genuine claim. Rest assured that a genuine claim would not take time or go to trial, but would be settled easily during negotiations.