Why You Need To Include Collagen Protein

Collagen is a protein that is found in the body in abundance. For connective tissues, collagen is a prime component that is responsible to make skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other body parts. The protein has various essential functions in the body like providing your bones strength and skin structure. Collagen supplement  has gained popularity in recent years as it offers a variety of health benefits. 

Health Benefits of Collagen: 

From skin health to bone’s health, collagen offers many other benefits that help you to feel and look good. 

    • Improved skin health: Using collagen for women is the most important as it plays an important role in maintaining skin’s elasticity, hydration, and strengthening your skin. Including a collagen supplement in your daily life routine helps to slow down the aging effects on your skin also avoids dryness and wrinkles in your skin. Some people claim it to have anecdotal properties to fight against skin conditions like acne and others. But there is not enough scientific evidence for it. 
    • Relieves you from knee pain: For knee or joint health, you need to maintain a good level of cartilage in your body. Collagen helps you to maintain cartilage which is a tissue that is more like rubber and protect your joints from the injury of sudden movement or friction. As you grow older, the risk of developing joint issues like osteoarthritis increases. With a regular use of collagen, you can soothe in the osteoarthritis and reduce joint or knee pain.  
  • Healthy Heart: To improve your arteries’ structure, you need collagen. With wide arteries or blood vessels, the heart is capable of pumping more blood and letting it carry to different parts of the body. Without a good amount of collagen, arteries are fragile and weak that leads to stroke and heart attack. Also with a good amount of the protein, good cholesterol (HDL) increases which is essential for avoiding heart risks. 
  • Helps Athletes: Athletes especially runners usually experience the joint issues while doing rest or walking. A study conducted on them, says if they take 2 grams of collagen for 70 day they can find relief in joint pain. Also it helps in lowering the inflammation and reducing pain with better joints. 
  • Bone Loss: One of the concerning issues is bone loss as we grow old. Collagen helps them by giving structure and keeping them healthy & strong. Bone loses their density of calcium and other minerals as they grow old. With the right amount of collagen, you can avoid the risk of bone disorders. 
  • Boosts muscle mass: For strong muscles and functioning them properly, you need proteins especially collagen. Including collagen everyday, you can enhance the muscle mass even of people with sarcopenia. The protein helps to promote the protein synthesis and stimulate the muscles development after your intense training.   

Along with these there are many benefits of collagen for women including health of hair, skin, nails, gut, brain, weight loss, and others. It is better to get protein from natural sources like meat skin, fish, eggs,and others. Only if you are unable to maintain the amount of collagen protein in your body with the natural sources, turn to the supplement after consulting the health expert.