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The on-going COVID19 outbreak occurred as a ‘black swan’ event for the world, and the status of ‘shelter-in-place’ has largely ailed the on-field work opportunities.

WHO and state-backed authorities are taking action and measures to contain the disease and preventing its spread. Plus, all workplace sections, including employers and employees, have a crucial role in ensuring health and safety for themselves and each other during this scenario.

Amid a slew of other measures, companies embrace advanced technology-enabled solutions that can generate health insights and support them in making informed choices.

These web-based or app-based comprehensive tools are easily configured to use and/or customized based on business units’ distant needs. Assimilating influx of inputs like- worker’s health, risk of exposure, case reporting, compliance status, etc. can pinpoint the entrepreneurs to manage the crisis in time.

Popularly, companies are adopting these employee health assessment tools to do-

  • Employee health tracking and symptoms identification
  • Record illness details and prescriptions given by doctors
  • Keep notifying them their health status regularly
  • Monitor and take actions when the situation changes
  • Establish compliance goals and finding the practice gap
  • Streamline records, reports, and measure’s implementation
  • Track the status of -COVID exposure, testing, and self-quarantine

How does it make business sense?

Inspired by creating a meaningful impact on millions of people, employee health software solutions has a purpose. This health solution serves the healthcare industry and the medical front-liners at the high verge of risk exposure. From maintaining the health history to monitoring the responses of screening questions- the solution performs multiple operations. Furthermore, it essentially-

  1. Allow data-driven decision making-

Technology has the answers. Employee health management solutions streamline the medical information and health activities of employees. It allows the entrepreneurs to cut short the long data management process while keeping all the records organized. This data helps in determining the appropriate decisions, well-in time.

  1. Stimulate Business process forecasting-

Assessing and anticipating the health position based on the ‘out of lockdown business re-entry’ and adjusting to the ‘new normal’ is one of the significant measures for businesses to take. With the right facts, figures, and calculations, decision making can be smoothened, and hopes can also be pinned for necessary action in the future.

  1. Assist employees in normally re-entering the workforce-

It permits the employer to manage the availability of employees- on-site or remote. This software can be easily synchronized with their devices at home without needing to visit the office to access this. Further, based on the health and wellness condition, it opens doors for employees to resume their services.

  1. Identify areas that need attention to save cost and time-

Not to mention, if there is anything the employer particularly wants to know about (such as health indicators of Alexandra, for being least work-efficient last week), he will know that objectively, not intuitively. Collectively, it will turn up to point the areas which require particular focus and address from the company’s side.

  1. Compile key pieces of information-

The employee health solution keeps all the pertinent information in one place. Its comprehensive feature allows users to look back to all the past experiences, health records, and estimate future situations in similar scenarios. Plus, it minimizes the errors and chances of work duplication.

  1. Raise confidence of the workforce-

Employee health solutions implementation shows the keenness of employers towards maintaining the health and safety of its staff. It inevitably boosts their morale to a higher level, and this thing will get reflected in the day to day functions of the business.

  1. Earn Goodwill to the company-

Actions flow faster than words. Company’s genuine concern towards the stakeholders will generate a positive feeling about its business in the general public. Such counts and measures on high ethical standards will give them more trust, added customers and hence more business.

  1. Maintain consistency in operations-

The continually evolving crisis is putting high pressure on workforce managers to come out with real data and responding to the new demands of the market. Launching a healthcare tracker can track, store, and record real-time information with guidance and steps to manage the concerns.


To muscle up the employee’s wellness, the health-solution is a hope. During this pandemic, exaggerated business concerns are centred on finding ways to revive and keep operations afloat with adequate health and safety measures. Web-based solutions and Mobile applications empower individuals and organizations to take total control of their health, ensure a sound ‘return to work’ plans with suitable preventive measures at- workplace, facility, or office site.

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