Dental Practice Must Haves

Is your dental practice running as efficiently as it could be?

There’s a huge target market for dentists, but there’s also a lot of competition with almost 185,000 dental offices across the US! Making sure your dental office stands out from the crowd and builds up a long client list is essential to its survival.

One way to do this is by making sure your dental practice has all of the equipment to provide top-quality services. So, what do you need?

Find out more in this guide to the top dental equipment you need to set up your dental practice.

A Comfortable Dental Chair

When someone visits the dentists, they’re prepared for an uncomfortable experience. Your job is to surprise them. By creating a welcoming, warm practice you can change your clients’ mindset about visiting the dentist and associate your practice with much more positive experiences than they’ve had in the past!

In terms of equipment, that means investing in a comfortable dental chair. As the main setting for your client’s experience, your dental chair is going to take centre stage and will say a lot about your brand! By choosing one that’s modern, comfortable, and high-quality, you’re off to a great start.

Make sure to choose a dental chair that’s adjustable, too. It should be large enough to support both adults and little ones, and you should be able to move it easily so that you can work properly.

Bright Dental Lights

To do your work to the best of your ability, you’re going to need ultra-bright dentist lights. These should illuminate your room properly so that you can get your tools, assess your patient, and move around with ease. Your dental practice should have both overhead lightings that’s bright but easy on the eyes, and a more intense light closer to the patient.

The light that’s closest to the patient should be easy to move and quite small. It shouldn’t shine directly into your client’s eyes and it should be easy to turn off and on, making your check-ups seamless!

Washer Disinfector

You’re going to be using a lot of reusable dental equipment when checking on your patients’ teeth, and cleaning it is essential! A washer disinfector that’s quick to run, easy to use, and disinfects effectively is a definite must. It’ll save you a lot of time and keep your hygiene up to standards.

Dentist Cart

Going back and forward to pick up your equipment isn’t just annoying, but it’s unprofessional too! A client doesn’t want to be sitting on your chair, mouth open, while you walk around trying to find a specific tool. This is where a dentist cart comes in.

A dentist cart is a moveable cart that you can put all of your equipment in and on. Because they’re designed for dental equipment, it’s going to have the right spaces for all of your tools and be the perfect addition to your practice. Choose one in stainless steel or another metal for durability and to ensure a professional feel in your practice.

X-Ray Machine

One of the essential dental supplies that are going to be a little more costly is an x-ray machine, but it’s worth it! To offer a full range of services you need to be able to x-ray teeth; that’s just a fact. It’s worth investing in a high-quality x-ray machine that’s going to work properly and last you for many, many years.

Oral Hygiene Products

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can really make an impression! Stocking your dental office with high-quality dental hygiene supplies is one of those things, and it can up the quality of your services instantly. From quality toothbrushes and toothpaste to dental floss and fluoride, it’s a brilliant idea to have a stock of products for your clients!

You can have these for sale in your waiting area, or give them away to loyal customers. For example, when a customer comes back they could get a free dental hygiene kit to thank them for their repeat service. It’s also a great idea to stock eco-friendly, plastic-free dental supplies, like wooden toothbrushes, to show that you’re conscious of our planet, too!

A Comfortable Waiting Area

If a patient comes in early or you’re running a little late because of unexpected work or delays, you need to have a comfortable waiting room to welcome your guests. As this is often near the entrance and can be the first impression someone has of your practice, making sure it looks nice is essential, too!

Choose comfortable seating, like a sofa and armchairs rather than hard, plastic seats. Keep these hoovered and cleaned regularly to maintain your standards and ensure your waiting area looks inviting. For an extra cosy touch, why not add a bright or stylish rug on the floor, too?

It’s a good idea to include a coffee table where patients can place their things. On here, you should always have some up-to-date magazines to keep patients entertained while they wait. You may also want to add a TV, coffee machine, and water cooler to make space super inviting.

For your finishing touch, pop a couple of plants around the space. These will instantly brighten the area, make it feel more welcoming, and add a sense of calm and positivity to your practice.

Open Your Dental Practice For Business

Creating a professional dental practice that’s still welcoming is tough, but these tips should help! Make sure you invest in equipment and always focus on the atmosphere you’re creating with the furniture you use, prioritizing bright, comfortable spaces over dingy, sterile rooms.

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