Live Music Shows in Los Angeles has a Powerful Impact than Recorded Music

For me, music has no definition or something which I can’t express. Music is my forever companion that just stays with me every day & night. Playing my favorite track’s tabs on guitar & piano just takes me to the other world. And sometimes I try to compose new tunes (one of my productive hobbies). Live music is another fever that just forces me to feel more. I’m always in hunt of live music shows in Los Angeles to let my head & feet keep dancing. 

We are living in a world where so many things are possible. When it’s about music, we can find pretty much any song. Just one step away from the click of a button. Thanks to music applications Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube (as people love watching videos with music). I am not against recorded music but still can’t replace the feel of live music. If you’ve never attended a concert, then I am sure you’re missing something important. No matter how advanced our technology is, recorded music can’t ever replace live music.  

There are four main reasons that make me believe live music carries an advantage:


I don’t know, but it might be that some of you have seen people go with the flow in concert. They are not able to stop themselves and just connect their inner selves with live music. In one of the interviews, the popular singer Selena Gomez says, singing for a live show is more heart-touching than recording for the track. She senses live music has more power because of the feel & vibes rendered by the audience. It’s not only her viewpoint; many singers have similar thoughts about live music. You can easily find out the advanced tickets for live music events in Los Angeles.


After the concert, one news that majorly pops up is about “break down.” Many singers show their deep emotions in the event and have a delightful emotional experience. “Someone like you” by Adele is one of my special songs. I remember Adele felt emotional when the crowd sang the chorus back to her in the 2012 London Concert. Though I have an endless list of singers moved to tears in the live events. However, what I want to call attention are the emotions. Not only by the crowd but also by the performers. 


➤Reduce Stress

Live music reduces distress and increases comfort. One of the beautiful qualities I personally experienced. Live music is great therapy as it adapts to move with the room. In recorded music, we follow the constant frequency till we change the track. Therefore in live music, we go through different waves. The performers change the beat from up to low and vice-versa, which acts as a great healer. In short, this works magically with our psychology. For some particular time, I forget about everything, especially the challenges I am going through. I suggest looking for music events near you and kick your stress out. 


Live music has helped people to express their feelings. When seeing the performer expressing joy, frustration, and sadness with the music. It enlightens & inspires our inner spirit to express in whatever form we want. The cause of feeling solitary or anxious is also due to a lack of expression. My way of expressing myself is by playing guitar and piano. Whatever challenges I am facing after playing my two closed instruments, I feel light & calm. We all have a way of letting things out, and we should not neglect to express. As it will make us weak day by day. 

In a nutshell, these four are my personal views that never let the essence of live music fall. I always love to be a part of the live music journey. I hope you feel the same!